Micro Teaching

Master teaching skills with micro-teaching! Experience focused sessions, peer-driven feedback, and targeted skill development for confident, effective educators.

1. What is Micro teaching?

A condensed teaching practice to refine skills in a simulated environment, perfect for targeted improvement.

2. Primary Goal

Enhance teaching techniques and boost confidence by providing a low-pressure, supportive setting.

3. Time-efficient Sessions

Short, focused sessions lasting 5 to 30 minutes, engaging small groups of 3-10 participants for optimal feedback.

4. Constructive Feedback

Encourage peer-to-peer collaboration, sharing insights and offering valuable critique for growth.

5. Intentional Planning

Design mini-lessons with specific objectives and strategies, honing in on areas needing improvement.

6. Essential Skills

Develop core teaching competencies, such as effective questioning, efficient classroom management, and promoting active learning.

7. Video-aided Analysis

Utilize recorded sessions to facilitate self-assessment, identifying areas of strength and those needing refinement.

8. Continuous Improvement

Embrace an iterative process, incorporating feedback and self-reflection to enhance teaching techniques.

9. Adaptable Approach

Modify micro-teaching for diverse educational settings and subjects, from elementary to higher education.

10. Key Benefits

Experience skill enhancement, increased confidence, heightened self-awareness, and ongoing professional development within a nurturing environment.

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