AI-based lesson planning and self-teaching solutions

Welcome to – your global destination for accessible, personalized education, powered by AI. Our mission is to break down barriers and create equal opportunities for learning, regardless of an individual’s location, financial status, nationality, or background.

At the heart of our vision lies the belief that the potential of AI can revolutionize education, leading to customized and effective learning experiences that address the specific needs of every learner, no matter where they are in the world.

To bring this vision to life, we’re dedicated to developing user-friendly, AI-driven educational lesson plan and resource generators that are entirely free to use. By providing these tools, we aim to extend support to children in regions and countries where limited access to education, particularly due to a shortage of qualified teachers, is a significant challenge.

Saya Institute proudly presents a suite of solutions designed to enhance both teaching and learning experiences. With our state-of-the-art, AI-powered lesson planning tool, educators can effortlessly craft lesson plans tailored to their students’ unique requirements, making learning more engaging and effective than ever before.

Join us at as we work together to transform the educational landscape, promote equity, and empower learners and educators across the globe.