Magic School AI

Magic School AI

Magic School AI – New AI Assistant Aims to Reduce Teacher Workload and Burnout. This promising edtech platform uses artificial intelligence to help automate tasks like lesson planning and grading. Goal is to ease burden on teachers so they can focus on students.


Technology is changing how students learn and teachers teach. One exciting new tool is Magic School AI. This artificial intelligence (AI) platform aims to make lesson planning easier for teachers. It also provides ways to better engage students.

Magic School AI is still new. But it shows promise to improve the teaching experience. This article will explain what Magic School AI is. It will also share key features and how teachers can use it.

What is Magic School AI?

Magic School AI is a website. It uses AI to help teachers with lesson planning. The goal is to save teachers time on routine tasks. This allows them to focus on students.

Specific features help teachers in a few key ways:

  • Evaluate student writing
  • Create lesson plans
  • Personalize learning
  • Generate educational materials like quizzes

Magic School AI aims to reduce teacher burnout. Studies show many teachers feel burnt out from their workload. Automating some tasks can help lower stress.

The platform uses AI similar to ChatGPT. Teachers give it text prompts and get helpful responses. Over time, Magic School AI will continue to improve. It will also likely expand the subjects and grades it can help with.

Pricing for Magic School AI

Right now, Magic School AI is free to use. Users can access key features without paying.

In the future, the company plans to offer premium accounts. These paid plans will unlock additional capabilities and allow more usage. Pricing for premium accounts is still to be announced.

Key Features of Magic School AI

Here are some top features of Magic School AI:

Rubric Generator

Teachers can quickly make grading rubrics tailored to assignments. This saves time designing rubrics from scratch.

Informational Text Generator

This tool creates informational texts on different topics. Teachers can use these for lesson materials.

IEP Generator

It creates Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). These are plans that adapt learning for students with special needs.

Material Leveler

This feature adapts materials to different reading levels. This helps students who need extra reading support.

Material Scaffolder

It makes materials easier to grasp. The tool adds preview questions and keywords. This scaffolds learning for students.

How Teachers Can Use Magic School AI

Teachers have a few options to use Magic School AI:

  • Practice tests – Use it to generate practice questions and tests. Get insights on where students need more help.
  • Writing feedback – Submit student writing samples. The AI assesses style, grammar, and more. Use this feedback in your teaching.
  • Lesson plans – Let the AI help put together engaging lesson plans. Use its suggestions to save planning time.
  • Grading – Have it grade multiple choice and short written assignments. Use the automatic grading to ease your workload.
  • Personalized learning – Use data and the AI’s suggestions to adapt your teaching. This can help reach students with different needs.
  • Connect with others – Share ideas on social media or forums. Learn how other teachers use Magic School AI in their classrooms.


Magic School AI aims to transform teaching with AI. It automates certain tasks to reduce teacher burnout. This allows educators to focus on students and inspire learning.

Key features generate materials, assess work, and plan lessons. Early reception is positive as the tool provides helpful time-saving options. Teachers can use Magic School AI in many ways to enhance their classrooms.

While still new, Magic School AI has great potential. Look for ongoing improvements as its AI capabilities expand. The future looks bright for increasing the power of teachers with the help of AI.

Key Takeaways

  • Magic School AI uses AI to help automate teacher tasks like grading and lesson planning
  • Goal is to reduce teacher workload and allow focus on students
  • Features generate quizzes, assess writing, create IEPs, adapt reading levels, and more
  • Teachers can use it to make practice tests, get writing feedback, build lessons, grade work, and personalize learning
  • As the AI improves, it has potential to greatly aid teachers and students

Further Resources

Magic School AI Website

The official website provides details on features, pricing, and getting started with an account.