How to use AI to Write Sales Copy

How to use AI to Write Sales Copy

Learn proven techniques to boost sales and marketing copywriting with AI tools. Generate landing pages, emails, social posts, ads, and more. Refine AI copy with human creativity and optimization. Continually test and analyze performance.

Leveraging AI to Boost Your Sales and Marketing Copywriting

Effective sales and marketing copy is essential for businesses trying to reach and convert modern buyers. However, crafting copy that instantly captures attention and sparks action requires significant time, skill, and effort. This is where AI copywriting tools can provide immense value. By combining AI’s speed with human expertise, copywriters can rapidly produce high volumes of optimized, high-converting copy tailored to each client’s specific needs.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore proven techniques for harnessing AI tools to boost sales and marketing copywriting efforts. We’ll cover:

  • Key types of copy you can generate with AI assistance
  • Step-by-step strategies to refine machine-generated text
  • Tips to add authentic and strategic human touches
  • Recommendations to continually optimize AI-assisted copy
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Types of Copy You Can Generate with AI

AI copywriting solutions enable producing various high-value sales and marketing copy types rapidly at scale. Here are some of the most effective forms of copy to create with AI:

Landing Pages

AI can swiftly generate on-brand landing page copy focused on conveying key benefits, irresistible offers, and clear calls-to-action. Test different value propositions, headlines, layouts, images, and copy variations optimized for each client’s niche and goals.

Email Marketing

Email remains a highly effective sales channel. Use AI tools to develop complete automated email sequences or draft copy faster tailored to each subscriber’s profile. Experiment with subject lines, preview text, content format, and promotions based on past email performance.

Social Media Posts

Let AI create endless on-brand social posts suited to each platform’s style and ideal lengths. Blend educational content and indirect sales messaging to build relationships and subtly guide followers to buy.


For platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube etc., AI can rapidly produce countless ad variations to test. Continually refine copy, creatives, targeting, and messaging to boost conversions.

Direct Mail

Leverage AI to craft compelling sales letters, postcards, catalogs, and other direct mail. Well-targeted, personalized direct mail consistently drives substantial ROI.

Sales Emails/Scripts

Provide sales teams with AI-optimized cold email templates, cold call and objection handling scripts optimized for different customer segments. Make it easy for reps to spark conversations and dispel doubts.

Case Studies

Build trust and social proof by using AI to generate convincing client success stories, testimonials, and reviews with authentic branding and messaging.

Comparison Content

Use AI to efficiently develop comparison pages, tools, and content that favorably contrast your services, products, or brand against competitors.

The key is first deeply understanding each client and their goals. Then use AI tools to produce tailored messages optimized for every audience and campaign to compel response.

Strategies to Refine AI-Generated Copy

While AI copywriting tools continue advancing, human guidance can refine machine-generated text into polished marketing promotions. Here are proven strategies to enhance AI drafts:

Carefully Review and Edit

  • Closely review AI copy for any inaccurate details or facts and correct them
  • Tighten verbose sections and polish sentence structure
  • Ensure brand voice and tone is consistent throughout
  • Fix any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors

Add Supporting Facts and Details

  • Bolster key claims with statistics, expert opinions, awards, client results, or other credible facts
  • Add more context, relevant details, and real-world examples if needed

Inject Creativity and Personality

  • Punch up bland headlines, introductions, and calls-to-action with creative flair
  • Add strategic humor, emotion, or personality where suitable
  • Use vivid language to capture interest and imagination

Personalize and Humanize

  • Avoid a robotic tone by adding first- and second-person pronouns
  • Add authentic human details, stories, and quotes when applicable
  • Localize details for the target geography and demographic

Check Formatting

  • Verify formatting follows style guidelines (headings, spacing, etc)
  • Ensure fonts, colors, and design elements align with brand identity
  • Check calls-to-action stand out and compel response

Continually Test and Optimize

  • Use A/B testing and engagement metrics to refine messages and variants
  • Adapt copy over time based on real-world performance data
  • Iterate to match changing trends, seasonality, and current events

With some thoughtful human optimization, you can transform AI’s initial drafts into compelling, conversion-focused copy.

Tips to Add Authentic Human Touches to AI Copy

While AI can churn out copy quickly, human copywriters still excel at crafting messaging with an authentic and strategic voice. Here are tips to add thoughtful human touches to AI-generated copy:

Leverage your life experiences – Share relevant personal stories and anecdotes that resonate with readers. AI can’t replicate your unique experiences.

Tap into your creativity – Sprinkle creative metaphors, humor, irony, and emotion to spark interest and reactions. Don’t be afraid to break formulas.

Inject insider knowledge – Share your expertise, perspective, and nuanced insights curated over years in your field or industry.

Match copy to emotions – Understand the deeper emotions and desires that drive customers and align copy to appeal to them.

Develop a consistent voice – Maintain the same brand voice, vocabulary, tone, and style throughout campaigns and content.

Focus on audience benefits – Keep copy focused on how you solve problems and deliver value, not just product features. Appeal to self-interest.

Leverage scarcity – If appropriate, spotlight limited-time offers or availability to spur immediate action.

Drive urgency – Use deadlines, pressure, or social proof of growing demand to motivate prompt responses.

Go beyond the surface – Don’t just state benefits – craft a compelling story around your offerings that resonates.

Optimize for the medium – Adapt copy styling, length, and format to align with the specific platform or medium.

Key Recommendations for Optimizing AI Copy

Follow these recommendations to gain maximum impact from AI copywriting tools:

  • Ensure proper setup – Invest time providing the AI with key details about your products, services, brand voice, target audience, and goals.
  • Leverage different tools – Test both general and industry-specific AI copywriting platforms to compare results. Mix and match content from different AIs.
  • Combine capabilities – Use AI copy as a starting point, then have humans optimize. Or have humans write key sections first, then use AI to expand copy.
  • Enhance over time – Continuously provide the AI with new materials like ads, landing pages, top-performing content etc. to improve its output.
  • Personalize at scale – Use data-merge to automatically customize AI-generated copy with customer names, locations, purchase history etc.
  • Promote human-AI collaboration – Have copywriters and AI systems complement each other’s strengths instead of replacing humans.
  • Consider ethics – Ensure use of AI copy aligns with your brand values. Avoid manipulative psychological tactics.
  • Test extensively – Rigorously A/B test AI copy against human-written and existing copy to validate performance.
  • Analyze data – Review conversion metrics to guide continual optimization of copy elements like offers, headlines, visuals, calls-to-action.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When getting started with AI copywriting, steer clear of these common pitfalls:

  • Not providing sufficient branding guidelines and materials for the AI to learn from
  • Churning out copy volume without proper strategy or performance validation
  • Using AI for high-value campaigns or critical copy without thorough human oversight
  • Accepting AI-generated copy that contains inaccurate facts, claims, or details
  • Allowing AI copy to completely replace creative human input and optimization
  • Failing to adapt messaging based on ongoing experimentation and customer data
  • Over-automating the copywriting process leading to repetitive, robotic copy
  • Neglecting the importance of visuals, layout, and design in converting readers
  • Forgetting to customize broadly appealing AI copy for specific niches or audiences

Key Takeaways

  • AI copywriting tools enable rapidly generating high volumes of optimized, conversion-focused copy tailored to each client’s specific offerings and campaign goals.
  • Effective sales and marketing copy types to produce with AI assistance include landing pages, email, social media, ads, direct mail, sales scripts, case studies, and comparison content.
  • While AI excels at creating initial drafts quickly, human guidance can refine copy with authentic personal touches, creativity, and strategic optimization.
  • Continually test and analyze AI copy against human-crafted alternatives and existing copy to validate and improve performance.
  • With the right strategies and oversight, combining AI speed and scale with human creativity results in next-level sales and marketing copywriting impact.


Leveraging AI copywriting tools the right way provides a game-changing competitive advantage for modern businesses. Producing high volumes of tailored, goal-focused copy manually requires extensive time and resources. AI empowers copywriters to rapidly draft, test, refine, and optimize sales and marketing copy, unlocking new levels of personalization, experimentation, and impact.

We hope these detailed tips help you maximize value from AI copywriting to grow your business and client campaigns. With AI assistance, you can reach and convert more customers with compelling yet authentic sales and marketing messages.

Further Resources

By strategically harnessing AI copywriting tools, you can rapidly boost the quantity, quality, personalization, and performance of sales and marketing copy for any business. Produce optimized messaging at scale and maximize results.