How to Make Money with AI Copywriting

How to Make Money with AI Copywriting

This in-depth guide explores how you can make money with AI copywriting tools and services. It covers actionable tips on providing AI copywriting for clients, optimizing and repurposing content, affiliate marketing, managed services, lead generation, and building an agency.


Copywriting is the essential backbone of content marketing and selling products or services online. Without stellar copy, it is incredibly difficult for businesses to grab attention, convey key information clearly, build desire, and motivate readers to take action in a crowded digital marketplace.

However, consistently crafting effective copy that achieves these goals is much easier said than done. It requires a rare blend of creativity, strategic message framing, and the ability to get inside the minds of target audiences. Even experienced copywriters struggle to produce high-converting copy quickly and at scale.

This severe mismatch between the tremendous demand for quality copywriting and limited human capacity to produce it efficiently has led to the rise of AI copywriting tools. Powered by machine learning algorithms trained on mountains of marketing data, AI copywriting tools can rapidly generate human-like copy based on given keywords, brand voice parameters, desired tone, intent, and other input data. Rather than replacing human copywriters entirely, these tools are designed to augment their abilities and make them far more productive.

For time-strapped marketers, overworked copywriters, and resource-constrained business owners, AI copywriting tools provide a game-changing way to produce volumes of customized, high-converting copy in a fraction of the time it would take to craft manually.

The copy can be tailored for specific campaigns, products, landing pages, ad groups, target segments, and any other marketing needs imaginable. When wielded properly by a competent human guide, AI copywriting solutions can help businesses, marketers, and freelance copywriting professionals create relevant, compelling copy at unbelievable speeds while saving tremendous time and costs.

This detailed guide will explore the numerous ways busy professionals and entrepreneurs can effectively monetize AI copywriting skills to grow their business and bottom line. You will learn proven methods to make money with AI copywriting including optimizing and repurposing existing content, starting a full-fledged copywriting agency, providing managed AI copywriting services, lead generation, affiliate marketing strategies, and much more.

Whether you are a marketer, consultant, writer, or business owner, integrating AI tools into your copywriting and content creation process can significantly boost your productivity and revenues. Read on to discover how.

Ways to Monetize AI Copywriting Skills

Optimize and Repurpose Existing Content

One of the most straightforward yet highly effective ways to make money with AI copywriting is to optimize and strategically repurpose the existing content you already have. Most businesses and marketing professionals likely have a potential goldmine of older blogs, articles, emails, social media posts, PPC ads, landing pages, and other content that has already been created over the years.

While this existing content inventory may have been great when originally published, it has likely lost some relevance and engagement over time as algorithms change, new formats emerge, and audiences evolve. This is where leveraging AI copywriting tools to optimize and refresh old content can provide massive value.

Rather than starting from scratch, you can use advanced AI copywriting software to analyze your current content assets. The machine learning algorithms will assess elements like readability, keyword usage, formatting, audience targeting, calls-to-action, persuasiveness, and more. The AI will then provide specific revision suggestions to improve the copy’s ability to rank in search, engage readers, and ultimately drive conversions.

You can then have the AI copywriting tool rewrite and enhance your old blogs, articles, emails, and other content with better formatting, wording, persuasive messaging, relevance to today’s search terms and audience interests, and overall quality. This process breathes new life into existing content while retaining the core informational essence.

Now refreshed with up-to-date AI optimizations for engagement and conversions, you can republish the revamped content on your own website and external sites. Strategically repurposing content by giving it a second life allows you to increase its reach and visibility significantly. This can be done by distributing it through social channels, email lists, influencers, paid ads, guest posting, syndication networks, and anywhere else that expands your potential audience.

The key is planning a thoughtful distribution strategy tailored to each piece of content. Share your AI-optimized articles on all relevant social media platforms using smart scheduling tools. Convert into video and audio formats for YouTube and podcasts. Compile into ebooks and gate behind opt-ins. Pitch to industry websites open to syndicated posts. Discuss in relevant communities and groups.

This comprehensive approach to repurposing evergreen content will continually attract new eyeballs from different channels over an extended period. The continual expansion of your audience and the value you provide will steadily build brand authority, loyalty, and trust in your niche. This ultimately leads to more revenue opportunities through perceived expertise.

Making repurposing existing content a consistent habit can become a automatic revenue engine. As you build a promotional process leveraging AI optimization and wide distribution, you will always have fresh content to share even without continually creating net new copy. This saves a tremendous amount of time and effort while maximizing your return on investment from content you have already created in the past.

Create Content for Clients

One of the most lucrative ways to monetize AI copywriting skills is to start offering content creation services directly to other businesses. There is an nearly endless amount of demand from companies seeking professional help with their content marketing efforts.

In survey after survey, marketers report content creation as their biggest bottleneck. Companies desperately need a steady stream of blogs, social media posts, emails, landing pages, ads, and other branded material to attract, engage, and convert their target audiences.

Yet most lack the specialized in-house talent and time required to produce high-quality, effective copy at scale. They may also not want the overhead of hiring full-time copywriters. This presents a major opportunity to utilize AI copywriting tools on clients’ behalf.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, you can deliver tailored copy to clients far faster and at greater scale than humanly possible. This saves them tremendous time and overhead while providing you with an ongoing revenue stream from content creation services.

The key is taking the time upfront to thoroughly understand each client’s offerings, brand voice, personas, messaging framework, guidelines, keywords, and goals. You want to intimately know their target customers and what motivates them, including pain points and objections.

Armed with this data, you can fine-tune the AI tool to start generating on-brand content customized to each client. Provide clients with outlines and drafts for review before finalizing copy. Use client feedback to further adapt the AI’s style and approach.

Maintain open communication channels and deliver reporting that conveys performance insights and optimization ideas. Migrating clients to a managed content calendar and structured approval process can increase efficiency over time.

As you demonstrate solid ROI, clients will keep coming back for more AI-powered content tailored to their evolving needs. You become their trusted on-demand copywriting partner powered by artificial intelligence. This provides recurring revenue as long as clients have a steady content demand.

With the right expertise, you can eventually scale out a full content marketing agency leveraging AI copywriting to serve a wider range of clients. The key is providing real value through copy that achieves results based on each client’s unique goals.

Start a Content Marketing Agency

For entrepreneurs interested in building a business around AI copywriting, starting a full-service content marketing agency is a highly scalable model.

Rather than just offering content creation services, with an agency you provide end-to-end solutions tailored to each client’s content marketing and advertising needs. This includes services like:

  • Content Strategy – Develop data-driven content strategies tied to business goals based on deep audience research and analysis. Map out themes, formats, promotion tactics, and success metrics.
  • Content Creation – Leverage AI copywriting tools to produce blogs, social posts, emails, landing pages, ads, and other branded formats that attract and engage each client’s audience.
  • Content Optimization – Continuously refine content with AI to increase organic traffic, leads, and sales based on performance data. Experiment across platforms.
  • Content Promotion – Design comprehensive content distribution strategies across social media, email, SEO, paid channels, influencers, PR, and strategic partnerships for maximum reach.
  • Performance Analytics – Provide in-depth reporting and analytics on content metrics and insights that support optimization.
  • Managed Services – Offer managed packages including content production calendars, unlimited revisions, performance reviews, consulting, and promotions.

This expanded suite of services allows you to provide immense value well beyond just creating content for clients. You become their fully outsourced content marketing department.

The key is conducting extensive research upfront to gain a deep understanding of each client’s target audience, brand story, voice, goals, and business objectives. Gather data on their products, offers, differentiators, challenges, and competitors.

Feed these insights into your AI copywriting tools to allow generating hyper-relevant messaging tailored to each client. Then promote the content aggressively through multi-channel strategies optimized for their audience and goals.

Provide comprehensive reporting to convey performance analytics and opportunities to keep improving results. Make content iterations and promotions based on data-driven insights.

As your agency grows, you can hire freelance copywriters, designers, social media marketers, and PPC specialists to help service more clients. Focus on providing amazing results and you will organically attract new business over time through referrals and word-of-mouth.

With the right foundation of skills and processes, you can scale a very successful content marketing agency business with AI copywriting optimization at the core of your competitive advantage.

Generate Content for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing presents a great way to monetize AI copywriting skills for those interested in earning commissions promoting other companies’ products and services.

The affiliate model allows you to earn a percentage of revenue or a flat bounty when someone clicks your special affiliate link and completes a desired action like making a purchase or signing up for a service.

Affiliate programs provide pre-created ads, links, and marketing collateral you can use to promote the company’s offerings in exchange for a cut of sales.

This is where leveraging AI copywriting tools can give you an edge. You can quickly generate customized content that indirectly markets the affiliate products or services you want to promote.

For example, use the AI to produce comprehensive reviews of the affiliate product or service. Make sure to highlight specific features and benefits that would appeal to your target audience. The AI can churn out numerous reviews highlighting different angles tailored to various segments.

You can also utilize the AI to develop step-by-step tutorials, “how-to” guides, tips posts, and listicles that incorporate mentioning or featuring the affiliate offerings. The content should focus on providing value to attract and engage readers by solving their pain points versus overtly promoting.

Different types of comparison posts, polls, and quizzes related to the affiliate product can also garner significant engagement. You want to subtly highlight why your recommended affiliate product is the ideal choice within the content.

Make sure to include your unique affiliate links within the AI-generated content where relevant so you earn commissions on any purchases. However, the focus should still be providing value to organically draw readers in versus pushy hard sells.

You can then publish the AI-powered affiliate content on your website, social media channels, YouTube, relevant forums and communities, and anywhere else that targets potential customers.

When promoting the content, be sure to employ effective SEO and social media optimization tactics to maximize discoverability and engagement. Pitching guest posts with embedded affiliate links on other high-traffic websites can expand your reach greatly.

Over time, continually generating fresh affiliate content tailored to what resonates best with your audience can add up to substantial passive income through commissions. Just focus on promoting products and services that truly deliver value.

Repurpose Content into New Formats

A great way to extract even more value from your existing content is to repurpose it into a variety of new formats tailored to different platforms.

The goal is to significantly increase the chances of your content getting discovered and engaged with by transforming it to other formats favored by each platform’s audience.

For example, you can take well-performing blog posts and use AI transcript services to automatically convert them into full-length YouTube videos. Record an accompanying voiceover explaining the content, add relevant images/footage, and include a strong call-to-action to the blog post for more details.

Popular videos can then be transcribed back into text for a long-form blog variation. You now have expanded reach across video and text.

Likewise, strong blogs can be transformed into podcast episodes using AI transcription to create a script. Record the narration and edit into a shareable audio format. Include a link back to the full blog in the podcast show notes.

Short-form blog posts can be combined and expanded on to create comprehensive reports, ebooks, and guides using AI content compilation technology. Gate the long-form content behind an opt-in to capture leads.

The same blogs can also be summarized using AI tools into micro-content optimized for platforms like X (Formerly Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn. This allows broader distribution.

The content can also be reformatted into visually engaging presentations and infographics using graphic design elements. These can be shared and embedded in social posts, emails, and websites.

Curating your content into themed newsletters, free courses, resource libraries, and other packages can also help increase engagement. Promote these exclusive packages to email subscribers.

Get creative in continuously making minor alterations to shift your content into different formats and mediums. This multiplying effect significantly extends the lifespan of your content.

The key advantage is tapping into new and existing audiences that prefer consuming content in certain ways. Convert your copy into their favored formats using AI rather than starting from scratch.

Provide Managed Content Marketing Services

Many businesses need professional support with ongoing content production, promotion, and reporting but lack the internal resources to handle everything effectively. This presents an opportunity to provide high-value managed services encompassing their entire content marketing process – powered by AI.

With managed services, clients essentially outsource their content marketing needs to your agency on a recurring basis. This provides you with a profitable and scalable business model.

Managed packages can be structured in different ways based on each client’s needs and budgets. Some potential options:

  • Entry package – 4 blog posts/month, 8 social media posts/week, 2 emails/month, basic reporting
  • Intermediate package – 8 blog posts/month, daily social media posts, 4 emails/month, custom reporting
  • Advanced package – 12+ blog posts/month, daily social media, 6 emails/month, promotional support, advanced analytics

The key elements to include in managed services:

  • Ongoing research into clients’ target audience interests, pain points, and goals. Use this intel to guide content across all formats.
  • Leverage AI copywriting tools to produce blogs, social posts, emails, landing pages, and any other formats the client needs at recurring intervals.
  • Promote the content through multi-channel strategies including social media scheduling, email automation, partnerships, influencers, ads, and more based on the client’s audience profile and preferences.
  • Provide performance analytics across all content with insights for optimization. Review data and refine strategy monthly.
  • Be available to quickly produce additional copy for time-sensitive announcements like new products, promotions, company news, etc.
  • Offer unlimited revisions within reason to ensure clients are fully satisfied with the copy and content results.
  • Assign each client an account manager for ongoing collaboration and optimization. Schedule quarterly strategy reviews.

The key differentiator is providing fully managed, hands-off services versus just ad-hoc content production support. Demonstrating the substantial return on investment delivered through managed services will earn you more loyal, recurring business.

Many clients may start with lower-priced entry packages and upgrade over time as they experience the benefits and see results from your full suite of managed solutions. Focus on providing immense value and retention will follow.

Automate Content Creation for Lead Generation

Helping businesses generate more quality leads through automated content workflows powered by AI is a lucrative service to offer.

Lead generation is ultimately about creating systems to convert strangers into potential customers by capturing their contact information through opt-ins. This allows you to continue nurturing leads through personalized messaging that brings them closer to a sale.

However, creating the volumes of customized content required to attract and engage prospects through the buying journey is extremely challenging. This is where leveraging AI copywriting tools can provide immense value.

You can help clients set up automated lead generation funnels that include the relevant touchpoints:

  • Landing Pages – Use AI to optimize copy on landing pages with persuasive messaging matched to the offer being promoted.
  • Opt-In Offers – Produce compelling, benefit-driven content to exchange in return for a prospect’s email address and contact details.
  • Welcome Series – Create customized welcome email series the AI can draw from to deliver hyper-relevant value to subscribers right after opt-in.
  • Nurture Tracks – Develop tailored content journeys focused on specific buyer needs the AI can generate content for including objections, questions, use cases, etc.
  • Promotional Series – For promotions and offers, leverage the AI to produce time-limited content sequences that build excitement and desire.
  • Retargeting – Remarket to inactive leads with AI-generated content aimed at re-engagement based on their original point of entry.
  • Exit Intent – When someone tries leaving a page, use the AI to generate real-time content that persuades visitors to stay and convert.

The key is mapping out how prospects will be guided through the funnel then leveraging the AI to generate the customized copy needed at each stage. Content can be produced at scale across multiple outreach campaigns.

You only need to provide the AI tool the foundational messaging framework with key data inputs and the machine learning will continually generate relevant content sequenced in an automated manner.

This allows delivering completely tailored messaging on autopilot to turn strangers into engaged, paying customers. Charging clients for setup and management of content-driven lead gen systems powered by AI can be very lucrative long-term.

Produce Books, eBooks and Whitepapers

Leveraging AI copywriting tools to produce books, ebooks, whitepapers, and long-form guides is a great way to establish expertise and generate new revenue streams.

In the past, researching and writing a 100+ page book or guide took an immense amount of time and effort. AI copywriting tools change this game completely.

With the right strategic framework, content structure, and AI prompts – you can have a machine learning algorithm generate complete books focused on your niche and interests.

Start by thoroughly planning out the book chapters/sections and establishing a solid outline. Conduct keyword research into related questions and topics you want to cover.

Then use all this intel to guide the AI copywriting software on the topics, headings, and content to include. Set optimal style parameters and let the AI write raw copy to fill out the entire book.

You simply need to spend time organizing, editing and refining the AI-generated content into a cohesive manuscript. Have human editors proofread thoroughly before publishing.

The books can then be self-published through platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to access a huge built-in readership. Effective marketing through Amazon’s algorithms can lead to passive income through royalties.

Alternatively, businesses are very willing to pay for custom ebooks, whitepapers, guides, and case studies to help attract leads and establish thought leadership.

You can offer these as client services, using AI copywriting tools to rapidly research and produce 100-page documents tailored to their industry, needs and goals.

These long-form lead magnets help companies generate inbound leads when gated behind opt-ins. Clients may also want you to help promote the assets through paid and organic methods.

In essence, you can leverage AI to create entire books, reports, and guides at scale, then sell them or the production service itself as a lucrative income stream.

Write Sales Copy and Scripts

Businesses invest massive amounts of money into sales and marketing collateral with the goal of ultimately persuading prospects to become customers. This presents a major opportunity to monetize AI copywriting skills.

You can leverage AI writing tools to rapidly produce optimized sales copy tailored to each client’s unique offerings, brand voice, target audience profile, and campaign goals.

Some of the high-value sales copy services you can offer clients include:

  • Landing Page Copy – Use the AI to generate benefit-focused copy that speaks directly to the target audience and motivates them to convert. Test different headlines, value props, and designs.
  • Email Copy – Produce customized sales email series the AI can pull from to deliver the right message for each subscriber based on interests and activity.
  • Social Copy – Craft social posts optimized for each network that educate prospects and indirectly guide them to buy.
  • Ad Copy – Quickly produce countless optimized ad variations for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest etc.
  • Direct Mail – Leverage the AI to generate tailored sales letters, postcards, flyers and more to motivate specific customer segments.
  • Sales Scripts – Develop highly-effective cold email, cold call, and objection handling scripts using the AI that human sales teams can deliver or software can automate.
  • Case Studies – Create convincing case studies and success stories that build trust and social proof around the client’s offering.
  • Comparison Pages – Use the AI to produce pages that contrast your client’s product/service with competitors in a favorable manner.

The key is thoroughly studying the client’s offerings, differentiators, targets, challenges, and goals. Then optimize the AI copywriting tool to produce persuasive messaging tailored to their goals.

Continually test and refine the machine-generated copy, headlines, and designs to maximize response rates. Adapt promotions and copy in real-time based on campaign performance.

Become the go-to sales copywriting expert for clients by letting AI tools enhance your speed and scale. This provides recurring revenue as clients refine campaigns.

Submit AI-Generated Guest Posts

Publishing guest posts on authoritative websites in your industry is a proven SEO tactic to build high-quality backlinks and increase organic visibility and traffic to your own site over time.

However, manually researching relevant websites, crafting unique articles tailored to each one, and going through the submission process is extremely time intensive.

This makes it the perfect application for AI copywriting tools. The AI can rapidly research and identify websites where your target audience hangs out and that are likely to accept guest contributions.

Based on a site’s focus, tone, and audience – you can customize the AI writer settings accordingly and have it automatically generate posts tailored to have the best shot at getting approved by editors.

Be sure to make the content outstanding, genuinely useful for the site’s readers, and inline with the site’s existing messaging. Avoid overly self-promotional or salesy content.

Additionally, take the time to manually write custom introductions and conclusions that fit the site seamlessly. Also incorporate site links within the post where relevant. This helps content feel less AI-generated.

Make sure to get approval from site editors before publishing any guest posts. Follow their author guidelines closely and respect their editorial calendars and focus areas. Develop relationships over time for higher approval rates.

The benefit of leveraging AI is being able to create endless unique, high-quality guest post content tailored to different sites at scale versus manual writing which limits quantity.

Just focus on the sites most relevant for your audience and niche. Done consistently over time, submitting AI-optimized guest posts can significantly accelerate increasing your domain authority and organic rankings through backlink acquisition and word-of-mouth traffic referrals.

This ultimately supports growing your business by tapping into new audiences from authoritative sites your target customers know and trust. The AI does the heavy lifting while you focus on strategy.

Create Content for YouTube, Podcasts and SlideShares

YouTube, podcasts, and SlideShare are incredibly popular platforms, but producing great content for each requires writing comprehensive scripts, transcripts, and copy.

These long-form content creation demands make AI copywriting tools invaluable for generating captivating videos, audio shows, and presentations at scale.

For YouTube, you can start by using AI tools to research popular and emerging topics within your niche that would resonate with your target viewers. Look for themes with strong searches but low competition.

Then develop outlines for videos around these topics which highlight key points, case studies, examples, and demonstrations that would appeal to your audience.

Feed the outline into the AI copywriting software. Set the tone, length, and style parameters accordingly. Have the AI generate full narration scripts tailored to each video topic with conversational language.

Review the machine-generated scripts to refine and restructure as needed. Then convert them into professional voiceover recordings using affordable freelancers or automated text-to-speech services.

Combine these narrations with relevant images, footage, graphics, and calls-to-action to produce the final videos quickly. Upload to YouTube consistently and promote heavily. The AI can make ongoing creation at volume viable.

For podcasts, leverage the AI in the same manner but produce audio-only scripts optimized for listening versus watching. Set conversational tone and casual language settings. Add in word cues for discussions and interviews.

Edit the AI transcripts into seamless shows. Record or synthesize voice, add intros/outros, and publish to all major podcast networks. Feature guests and branded partners to expand reach.

With SlideShare, use the AI to craft detailed presentations around topics and themes that would appeal to your professional audience. Design visually stunning decks around key data, statistics, examples, and insights generated.

Upload to SlideShare and optimize with SEO best practices. Promote across social networks and embed on websites to increase viewership. Set the AI to easily turn blogs into slide decks as well.

The key advantage of using AI is quickly producing extensive content tailored to each platform from scripting to final publishing. This volume can build authority faster. Sell these multimedia services to clients as well.

Automate Social Media Marketing

Maintaining an active, engaging presence across multiple social platforms requires continuously creating and posting high-quality content tailored to each network.

Doing this consistently at scale as a solopreneur or small business is extremely difficult due to the diverse content formats and pace of posting needed.

This is where AI copywriting tools can be invaluable for automating your social media marketing efforts to save tremendous time while expanding your reach.

The key is taking an organized, strategic approach tailored to each network:

  • Conduct audience research to understand interests and preferences on each platform – Facebook, Instagram, X (Formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.
  • Explore trending topics, viral content, relevant hashtags, and influencer accounts on each network.
  • Use this intel to identify themes and angles that resonate best with each audience.
  • Optimize your AI copywriting tool settings for tone, language, length, etc. based on each platform.
  • Generate 100s of unique posts for each network covering various angles around your key topics and themes.
  • Refine posts to align with each platform’s favored formats – blogs, videos, images, snippets etc.
  • Schedule posts in advance using a social media management platform.
  • Promote new content additions through your channels to maximize reach.
  • Monitor performance and double down on what content types drive the most engagement on each platform.

The key advantage is using AI to quickly produce a high-volume, diverse content library tailored to the interests of each network’s unique audience.

This allows staying consistently active with social posting while saving the huge amounts of time it takes to manually create quality content daily across every platform.

Make sure to track performance over time and continually refine your approach based on response. With smart AI automation, you can scale social media reach dramatically.

Provide AI-Generated Tweetstorms and Email Sequences

Two highly effective marketing tactics for brands are tweetstorms (threaded stories told over multiple linked tweets) and automated email sequences that nurture subscribers.

However, continuously creating unique, engaging content for tweetstorms and emails manually is not realistic at scale.

This presents an opportunity to offer tweetstorm and email sequence creation as ongoing services for brands using AI copywriting automation.

For tweetstorms, start by working with the brand to identify topics and themes that would appeal to their target audience on X (Formerly Twitter). Conduct research into trending discussions and viral tweets in their industry.

Use this intel to prime your AI copywriting tool. Have it automatically generate multi-tweet sequences around strategic topics using the ideal X (Formerly Twitter) tone and language.

Review the AI output, refine the messaging, compile the tweetstorm threads, and schedule them out gradually through the brand’s X (Formerly Twitter) account using optimal timing.

To provide even more value, you can manage promoting the tweetstorms through paid amplification, influencers, relevant community engagement, and any other tactics that extend reach.

For automated email sequences, study the brand’s various buyer stages and develop a content framework that caters to each stage through the entire funnel.

Work with the brand to identify the types of messages and offers that would appeal to subscribers at each stage from cold lead to repeat customer.

With this strategic foundation set, leverage the AI to produce hundreds of hyper-targeted, personalized emails to draw from for each automated sequence within the brand’s funnel over time.

Let the AI handle generating the raw content while you focus on mapping the sequencing, promotions, timing, and optimization for results.

Both tweetstorms and automated email funnels allow brands to cost-efficiently scale personalized messaging that nurtures followers and leads over time. These services powered by AI copywriting provide high-value and recurring revenue.

Design Pitches, Proposals and Presentations

Winning new clients and business requires developing well-crafted proposals and presentations that successfully persuade prospects you are the right partner for them.

However, creating customized pitches and decks from scratch for each prospect is extremely time and effort intensive. This makes it a prime application for AI copywriting.

The key is taking the time upfront to thoroughly research each prospect’s needs, challenges, objectives, and concerns. Familiarize yourself with their offerings, business goals, competitors, and industry landscape.

This allows you to strategically map out the main points, flow, and angles your pitch should cover to resonate with that specific prospect. Have clarity on the key takeaways you want them to walk away with.

With this high-level framework defined, you can leverage the AI copywriting software to produce initial drafts of tailored proposals and presentations for each prospect.

The AI can rapidly generate persuasive copy that speaks directly to the prospect’s needs and objections while conveying why you are the ideal partner for them.

You simply need to review the AI-generated text, refine the messaging, rearrange content flow, and polish the overall structure. Ensureproposals follow best practices.

For presentations, choose visually impactful slides and graphs that amplify the narrative. Design the deck to look highly professional. Provide the AI image prompts to source great visuals.

Relevant case studies and testimonials add immense credibility. Spend time making decks aesthetically pleasing and memorable.

The result is customized proposals and presentations that feel like they were created manually just for that prospect. Prospects pay top dollar for pitches tailored specifically to them versus generic materials.

Let AI copywriting elevate your ability to produce tailored and persuasive proposals and decks at scale. This can significantly boost new business wins and revenues.

Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeaways from this guide on how to make money with AI copywriting:

  • Repurpose existing content by using AI tools to optimize old blogs, articles, emails, ads etc. Then distribute refreshed evergreen content across new channels.
  • Offer AI copywriting services to businesses to create customized blogs, social posts, web copy, emails, ads, and other formats tailored to their brand and goals.
  • Start a content marketing agency providing end-to-end solutions from strategy to creation, optimization, promotion, analytics, and managed services, all powered by AI.
  • Generate affiliate marketing content like reviews and recommendations that incorporate your affiliate links to earn commissions on purchases.
  • Convert copy into new formats like turning blogs into videos, podcasts, microcontent, and visual assets to increase engagement.
  • Provide managed content marketing services encompassing the full strategy to execution for ongoing clients. Offer packages based on needs.
  • Help clients set up automated lead gen systems using AI to create hyper-targeted content that converts at each funnel stage.
  • Produce books, ebooks, whitepapers and guides leveraging AI copywriting tools to drive leads and establish expertise.
  • Write high-converting sales copy and scripts for different mediums and campaigns using AI customized to each brand.
  • Submit AI-generated guest posts to increase backlinks, organic visibility and traffic through authoritative sites in your niche.
  • Create YouTube videos, podcast episodes and presentations using AI transcription and scripts to engage across multimedia.
  • Automate content creation across social media platforms using AI tailored to the tone, formats and interests of each network’s unique audience.
  • Offer services creating personalized, automated tweetstorms and email sequences for brands using AI copywriting at scale.
  • Design tailored proposals and pitches leveraging AI to demonstrate you fully understand prospects’ needs and are the ideal solution.

Wrap Up

As discussed throughout this guide, AI-powered copywriting tools provide immense opportunities to monetize content creation and marketing skills in various lucrative ways.

The raw speed and scale at which AI tools can generate human-like copy customized to specific brands, campaigns, and audiences is game-changing. These solutions make producing high-quality, personalized content at volume viable for busy professionals and small businesses.

From repurposing existing assets to providing expansive services for clients to building scalable agency businesses, there are proven business models to leverage AI copywriting for profits.

The key is focusing on core value – using AI automation to free up strategic capacity while delivering tremendous value to others through high-converting content.

Combine the strengths of both machine capabilities and human creativity to provide services others will pay for. Target real business needs from lead generation to sales copywriting to managed solutions with your unique expertise.

With some effort, you can build systems around AI copywriting tools to efficiently monetize content skills in multiple ways. This allows focusing on strategy and optimization while the AI handles heavy lifting.

The world of marketing constantly evolves, but demand for quality content never diminishes. Ride the wave of AI copywriting to satisfy this demand far faster and more profitably than ever before. The opportunities for monetization are endless.

I hope this guide provided you with tactical insights and inspiration to incorporate AI copywriting into your own business. The future where machines and humans work together in harmony is already here. Time to put that to work.