Humane AI PIN

Humane’s AI Pin Is It Worth the Hype at $699?

Humane is launching a $699 wearable called the AI Pin on 11/09/2023. It clips to your clothes, has no screen, and costs $24/month. It runs on T-Mobile’s network, uses AI from Microsoft and OpenAI for voice commands, and projects info on your hand.

The Screenless Wearable Mobile?

Humane is launching the AI Pin, a $699 wearable device without a screen that requires a $24 monthly subscription. The Pin runs on a Humane-branded version of T-Mobile’s network and utilizes AI models from Microsoft and OpenAI.

The device itself is a square that magnetically clips to clothing or other surfaces. The clip contains a swappable battery to keep the Pin powered throughout the day. A Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, camera, sensors, speaker, and Bluetooth connectivity enable various capabilities.

Since there is no screen, Humane designed alternative interaction methods like voice commands, a laser projector to display info on your hand, and a touchpad. The Pin isn’t always listening but requires manual activation, indicated by a “Trust Light.”

The $699 upfront cost includes the Pin, charger, and two batteries. The $24 monthly subscription provides a phone number, cellular data, cloud storage, and unlimited access to AI models.

The Pin runs an OS called Cosmos meant to seamlessly invoke different AI tools as needed, similar to ChatGPT plugins. It can summarize emails, translate languages, identify food nutrition, and more. Tidal music streaming is supported through an “AI DJ.” There are also AI-powered photography features. is a website or app to initially set up and customize the wearable before use. It allows managing notes, videos, photos, and settings.


With its laser projection, voice control, and AI integration, Humane’s screenless AI Pin aims to deliver helpful information and services in a creatively minimalist wearable design. Its high price tag and subscription fee may limit mainstream appeal, but the Pin’s innovative approach will be interesting to watch as it comes to market.

Humane can be found at and the launch is on 11/09/2023.

Key Takeaways

  • The AI Pin is a $699 wearable with no screen that clips to your clothes.
  • It uses voice commands, hand gestures, and laser projection to interact.
  • A $24 monthly subscription provides cell service, cloud storage, and AI access.
  • The Pin runs on T-Mobile’s network and uses AI services from Microsoft and OpenAI.
  • It’s designed as a standalone wearable, not just a smartphone accessory.
  • The Pin aims to deliver AI assistance in a minimalist, screenless form factor.