The Best AI Job Finders in 2023

The Best AI Job Finders in 2023

Finding a job can be a daunting and stressful task. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), new tools have emerged to help make the job search easier. In particular, AI-powered job finders have become incredibly useful in discovering and applying for relevant job openings.

In this extensive article, we will explore the top AI job finders available in 2023. We will look at their key features, pros and cons, and how they can assist you on your job search. By the end, you should have a clear sense of which AI job finder is the best fit for your needs.

Indeed Job Spotter

Indeed Job Spotter is an incredibly useful AI-powered tool that helps you find relevant jobs that are unposted on traditional job boards. It works by scanning and analyzing thousands of company career sites to uncover hidden job opportunities that align with your background, skills, and preferences.

After uploading your resume to Indeed, the Job Spotter technology studies your work history, skills, education, and other credentials. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to match your background to open positions that companies may not have publicly advertised yet.

Every week, Job Spotter will send you a customized email with new job recommendations tailored specifically to you. You’ll get insider access to relevant openings before they are posted on public job sites.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Matching: The machine learning really shines here. Job Spotter’s algorithms analyze your resume and preferences to provide the most accurate job matches.
  • Uncovers Hidden Jobs: By scanning company sites directly, Job Spotter uncovers openings that you’d never find on the big job boards. Access opportunities before the crowds.
  • Weekly Recommendations: Get a weekly email with fresh, customized job recommendations so you don’t miss relevant openings as they become available.
  • Salary Estimates: Along with each recommended role, you’ll get estimated salary ranges based on your background and location. This helps set appropriate expectations.
  • Chrome Extension: The Job Spotter browser extension makes it easy to save jobs and continue searching right from your desktop. No need to log into the site.


  • Provides access to unposted jobs that align with your credentials before they hit the big boards. This gets your application in early before competition ramps up.
  • Helps discover opportunities you might have otherwise missed by leveraging AI to match you with appropriate openings.
  • The custom recommendations are tailored specifically to you each week, saving you time hunting for jobs.


  • You must have an Indeed resume for the AI matching to work properly. So it may require updating your resume even if already satisfied.
  • The Chrome extension is only available on desktop. No mobile app makes on-the-go searching harder.
  • Occasionally some recommended jobs end up being a poor fit, despite the AI matching. Still requires human judgement.

So in summary, Indeed Job Spotter taps into the power of AI to uncover hidden job opportunities perfect for you. If you want access to unposted jobs before everyone else and custom recommendations, it’s a great option to incorporate into your search.


Zippia offers a unique AI-powered approach to help broaden your job search and career possibilities. Instead of just matching you with similar roles, Zippia uses machine learning to suggest entirely new jobs and career directions tailored to your interests and strengths.

After entering some basic information about your background, such as previous job titles, skills, education and location preferences, Zippia will recommend alternative professions you may not have considered but could find rewarding.

Key Features:

  • AI Career Recommendations – Zippia’s algorithms analyze your credentials and preferences to determine new potential career paths you might thrive in.
  • Job Details – For each recommended role, you get key details like average salary, day-to-day responsibilities, required skills, job satisfaction scores and more.
  • Current Local Openings – You can browse current openings in your area for each suggested job title, making it easy to apply.
  • Assessment Quizzes – Zippia offers fun quizzes to better understand your work interests, personality and soft skills. This further enhances the career recommendations.


  • Opens your eyes to new career possibilities you may enjoy based on your background and interests.
  • Helps those looking to change fields or pivot into a brand new area by matching transferable skills.
  • Provides insightful data like salary and satisfaction ratings to evaluate potential new career paths.


  • Requires investing time answering many questions for the AI to make accurate recommendations.
  • Some suggested jobs may be unrealistic based on your current experience and credentials.
  • Location matching could be improved to focus on jobs specifically in your city.

In summary, Zippia is ideal for those open to discovering fresh career options. By leveraging AI to map your skills to alternative roles you may have never considered, it opens up new horizons beyond your immediate job search. If you’re looking to make a bigger career change, Zippia can provide innovative direction.


Huntr takes a personalized approach to job hunting by providing you an AI-powered assistant. After linking your LinkedIn account, Huntr studies your profile, resume and activity to offer tailored job matches and application tips.

It scans openings across company career sites, LinkedIn, and major job boards. But more than just aggregating listings, Huntr’s AI analyzes your background to recommend roles you’re well-suited for.

Key Features:

  • AI Job Matching – Huntr doesn’t just scrape listings. It leverages AI to analyze your credentials and make smart recommendations.
  • Application Tips – Get tailored tips to improve your resume, cover letters, networking approach, interview skills and salary negotiations.
  • Real-Time Chat – You can chat directly with Huntr’s AI assistant in real-time to get individualized job search advice whenever you need it.
  • Job Listing Feed – See all your personalized recommendations and openings in one place instead of jumping between sites.


  • The conversational AI assistant provides helpful, personalized job search guidance on-demand.
  • Analyzes your background and goals to offer specific tips to enhance your applications.
  • Scrapes multiple sites to aggregate openings into one simple feed.


  • Currently only available as a Chrome browser extension, limiting accessibility.
  • The AI conversation is handy but can sometimes offer repetitive or obvious advice.
  • Requires providing access your LinkedIn profile data for matching.

In summary, Huntr aims to simplify and optimize the job hunt by combining an AI assistant for guidance with curated, tailored job recommendations. If you want a job search sidekick that learns your background to provide personalized tips and relevant openings, Huntr is a handy tool.


For those specifically seeking remote or flexible work arrangements, Otta is an AI-powered platform dedicated to these types of job opportunities.

Otta asks you questions about your background, skills, interests, preferred work environment, location and other preferences. It uses artificial intelligence to match you with relevant remote, hybrid or flexible job openings suited to your profile.

Key Features:

  • Remote Work Focused – Otta exclusively features jobs with remote options, whether full-time or hybrid work.
  • AI Matching – The proprietary algorithms analyze your profile and preferences to deliver custom job recommendations.
  • Salary Transparency – Listings include salary ranges so you can set appropriate expectations.
  • Company Culture Insights – Get a feel for remote-friendliness, perks, values and leadership at each company.


  • Ideal for those specifically seeking out remote or flexible work arrangements.
  • Salary ranges help you benchmark pay for different roles.
  • User-friendly experience tailored to remote job seekers.


  • More limited job listing database compared to massive sites like LinkedIn and Indeed.
  • Does not incorporate your existing resumes and profiles into the matching process.
  • Most openings require at least 1+ years of experience. Entry-level is lacking.

In summary, Otta provides a streamlined platform to connect remote and flexible job seekers with vetted opportunities suited to them. If you are specifically looking to work remotely in your next role, Otta makes it easy to find and apply to quality openings.

Wrap Up and Key Takeaways

Finding the right job can transform your career trajectory and overall happiness. With AI continuing to enhance what’s possible, job seekers now have incredibly powerful tools to tap into.

The best AI job finder ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Those open to discovering new potential career directions may prefer Zippia, while Indeed Job Spotter excels at uncovering unposted jobs. For remote openings, Otta leads the pack while Huntr is ideal for individualized job search assistance.

No matter which AI job finder you choose, make sure to provide as much detail as possible about your background, interests and deal breakers. This allows the algorithm to suggest opportunities genuinely tailored to you.

With the rise of intelligent algorithms, finding your next job has never been easier. By leveraging the best AI job finder for your needs, you can uncover exciting new possibilities, direction and career potential. The future of job hunting is AI-powered and brighter than ever.

AI Job Apps Mentioned

Due to the fluidity in the market and with app companies being bought and resolved at a furious rate (and closing down) it is not always possible to maintain an up to date list of relevant websites for an app. the following list includes the apps mentioned in the article above and gives a brief summary of their base functionality.

As always, do your research and find an app that suits you, functionally, price wise and which you can work with as a long term investment in your career.

  1. Indeed Job Spotter
    • Description: Indeed Job Spotter is an advanced job search tool that employs artificial intelligence to uncover hidden job opportunities that may not be posted elsewhere. By analyzing your resume and understanding your job preferences, it offers tailored job suggestions best suited to your profile.
  2. Zippia
    • Description: Zippia goes beyond the standard job search by not only presenting job openings but also suggesting alternative career paths you might not have considered. It utilizes AI technology to analyze your background and provide career possibilities and relevant openings.
  3. Huntr
    • Description: Job hunting can be overwhelming, but Huntr’s AI assistant aims to simplify the process. By offering personalized advice for job searching and application strategies, it optimizes your chances of landing the perfect role.
  4. Otta
    • Description: For those seeking flexibility in their work, Otta specializes in connecting candidates with remote and flexible job opportunities. With its AI-driven platform, it analyzes your profile and interests to match you with jobs that fit your lifestyle and career goals.