Metas LlaMa AI Tools Preview for WhatsApp Messenger and Instagram

Meta’s LlaMa AI Tools Preview for WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

Meta Platforms Inc., previously known as Facebook Inc., has recently provided a sneak peek into its work on generative AI technologies that would influence consumer products like Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. The technology giant is also experimenting with these AI-based tools internally.

The all-hands meeting led by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg was replete with discussions on several AI technologies that are in different stages of development. These include AI chatbots designed for Messenger and WhatsApp, AI stickers, tools that would allow users to edit photos in Instagram Stories, an AI productivity assistant, and an innovative interface to interact with AI agents powered by Meta’s language model LLaMA.

The news was first broken by Axios, which specifically highlighted the AI agents and photo-editing tools that would face the consumers. However, the larger presentation encompassed a broad range of areas where Meta is investing its energy to develop AI technologies. The company has also announced an AI hackathon in July that would focus on generative AI and may give birth to new AI products to be used by Meta’s global user base.

Zuckerberg’s Vision and Meta’s AI Exploration

The recent developments are aligned with Zuckerberg’s statement during Meta’s Q1 earnings. He mentioned that the company was exploring ways to apply new AI technologies in products that would cater to billions of users worldwide.

On a call with investors, Zuckerberg hinted at Meta’s plans to explore “chat experiences” in WhatsApp and Messenger, along with visual creation tools for Facebook and Instagram posts. Ahmad Al-Dahle, VP of Engineering, Generative AI at Meta, joined Zuckerberg in the meeting where they delved deeper into these projects.

Meta’s AI Agents and Chatbots

The AI chatbots or AI agents, as they are referred to at Meta, are designed to interact with consumers and exhibit unique personas and skill sets. These chatbots are meant to assist and entertain users. The increasing demand for AI chatbots has attracted substantial attention and investment.

Character.AI is a leading app in this arena, developed by researchers who contributed to the creation of LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) at Google. Despite facing stiff competition from similar apps on the App Store, Character.AI has reportedly gained over 1.7 million new installs in less than a week.

Meta plans to initially release its AI agents on Messenger and WhatsApp. However, Zuckerberg has a broader vision for these technologies and foresees their expansion across Meta’s suite of applications and potentially to smart glasses. Consumers may soon be wearing smart glasses, akin to Meta’s Ray-Ban Stories, to interact with these AI agents using voice commands.


Meta’s exploration and investment in generative AI technology demonstrate the company’s commitment to revolutionize the user experience across its platforms. With a focus on AI chatbots, photo-editing tools, and AI-powered interfaces, Meta is at the forefront of bringing cutting-edge technology to its global user base. As AI becomes increasingly integrated into our daily digital interactions, it’s clear that Meta intends to be a major player in shaping this future.