KoboldAI : An In-Depth Guide

KoboldAI : An In-Depth Guide

KoboldAI is an intuitive, web-based platform designed to facilitate AI-assisted writing. It collaborates with a multitude of local and remote AI models to offer a comprehensive suite of writing tools. This includes ‘Memory’ which helps the AI retain context over a long piece of text, ‘Author’s Note’ for guiding the AI’s behavior, and ‘World Info’ for keeping track of key details in your story.

With KoboldAI, you can effortlessly save and load your work, providing flexibility in managing your writing projects. The platform is equipped with adjustable AI settings, allowing you to tailor the AI’s output to your specific needs. Various formatting options are available to enhance the presentation of your text and improve readability.

In addition, KoboldAI stands out with its unique ability to import existing adventures from AI Dungeon, a popular AI-powered text adventure game. This feature enables you to continue your epic quests or delightful narratives within the KoboldAI environment, thereby bridging the gap between gaming and writing.

In essence, KoboldAI is not just a writing assistant; it’s a comprehensive toolset designed to empower your creative process with the help of advanced AI technologies.

Versatile Gameplay Styles with KoboldAI

KoboldAI brings a broad spectrum of possibilities to the table, transforming the way you interact with text-based games and writing. The platform is designed with a high degree of flexibility, offering multiple gameplay styles to cater to various user preferences.

If you love immersing yourself in the depths of a rich storyline, you can opt to use KoboldAI as a ‘Novel’ mode. This mode presents the AI’s output in the style of a novel, making your interaction feel like reading a book that’s being written in real-time.

For those who enjoy interactive storytelling, KoboldAI’s ‘text adventure game’ mode offers an engaging experience. Much like classic text-based games, you can navigate through the narrative by inputting text commands, creating a dynamic story that evolves based on your decisions.

If you prefer a more conversational interface, KoboldAI can also function as a chatbot. This mode allows you to interact directly with the AI in a conversational manner, making it ideal for quick exchanges or casual interactions.

Switching between these gameplay styles is straightforward with easy-to-use toggles, ensuring a seamless transition based on your current needs or mood.

An essential aspect of KoboldAI’s functionality is its reliance on different AI models or services. The performance and capabilities of the AI can significantly vary depending on the chosen model or service. For instance, you can utilize the free and speedy processing power of Google Colab, or leverage your own high-end graphics card for more robust operations.

If you have an API key for an online service, such as OpenAI or Inferkit, KoboldAI can harness these resources to drive your text generation. Alternatively, if system resources are a concern, KoboldAI can run on your CPU at a slower pace. This range of options ensures that no matter your technical constraints or preferences, KoboldAI can be adapted to suit your needs.

Exploring the Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode in KoboldAI offers a unique and interactive gaming experience. Unlike traditional adventure games, this mode allows users to exercise complete control over all characters within the game, not just their own. This enhanced control makes for a more reliable and immersive gameplay experience.

The method of inputting commands in KoboldAI’s Adventure Mode varies slightly from other platforms like AI Dungeon. For example, if you wish for a character to perform an action such as picking up a sword, instead of simply typing “take the sword”, you would phrase it in the form of a complete sentence like “You take the sword”. This approach helps the AI understand your commands better, thereby enhancing your gaming experience.

KoboldAI’s Adventure Mode thrives on specificity. It encourages users to specify which character is performing a given action for optimal results. This level of detail enhances the AI’s understanding of the game’s narrative, making for a more engaging and realistic adventure.

Utilizing KoboldAI as Your Writing Assistant

KoboldAI serves not only as an engaging adventure game platform but also as a powerful writing assistant. When used in this capacity, it’s recommended to use the regular mode complemented with a model specifically optimized for novel writing. These novel-specific models offer a unique advantage – they don’t assume the presence of a “You” character, which is common in game scenarios. Instead, they concentrate on creating narratives that align with the flow and structure of traditional novels.

These novel-optimized models often yield better results for writing tasks when compared to Adventure or Generic models. They offer more relevant suggestions and prompts that adhere to the style of novel writing. But, what if a model that aligns with your specific writing needs isn’t available? In such instances, KoboldAI provides the flexibility to use large generic models.

While these generic models may not be tailored to your specific writing style or genre, they still offer a broad range of creative inputs. However, it’s important to note that using these models may require a bit more effort on your part, as you might have to correct the AI’s outputs more frequently due to its wide-ranging bias. Despite this, the versatility of KoboldAI’s models ensures that you always have a writing assistant at your disposal, ready to help you craft compelling narratives.

Chatbot Mode

KoboldAI is equipped with a versatile Chatbot Mode, adding another dimension to its functionality. This mode transforms KoboldAI into an interactive AI chatbot, providing users with an engaging and responsive conversational partner.

Just like its adventure and writing assistant modes, the Chatbot Mode is designed to be user-friendly, allowing for easy toggling between the different modes based on the user’s preference. In this mode, you can converse with the AI, ask questions, explore ideas, or even seek advice on various topics.

This interactive feature sets KoboldAI apart, making it not just a tool for writing or gaming, but also a platform for meaningful and dynamic conversations. Whether you’re looking for an intelligent dialogue partner, or simply seeking a unique interactive experience, KoboldAI’s Chatbot Mode is ready to deliver.


KoboldAI provides a versatile platform for AI-assisted writing, offering multiple modes of play and a wide array of tools. It allows for customization based on the model or service you choose to use, from running the AI on Google Colab to your own high-end graphics card.

The different modes provide distinct ways to interact with the AI, whether you’re immersing yourself in an adventure, writing a novel, or using the chatbot. While the information on the Chatbot Mode is incomplete, the rest of the guide provides a solid understanding of what KoboldAI offers and how to use it.

Please note that as with any AI, the output can be unpredictable and might need corrections. Nonetheless, KoboldAI provides an impressive array of options for AI-assisted writing, offering a broad scope for creativity and storytelling.