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FALCONS.AI : Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Better

FALCONS.AI is a groundbreaking technology company based in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. The company is passionate about leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the ways businesses and governments operate, with the ultimate aim of making human life better. Their core mission is to harness the power of AI to solve real problems affecting real people, and in the process, benefiting society.

The company was founded by Michael Stattelman, who was inspired by his grandfather’s work in poultry disease research and his own interest in the UAE’s sport of falconry. Initially, the idea was to use AI to supplement falconry, but eventually, it led to the creation of a biosecurity product for poultry named PreciseAG. The company’s headquarters are in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, chosen for its welcoming business environment and support from the RAKEZ organization.

Functionality and Features

FALCONS.AI offers a range of AI solutions and products, all of which are either B2B or B2G, as they currently do not have any retail products or services available or planned for development.

Advisory Services

FALCONS.AI provides a wide range of advisory services for AI initiatives, from strategy development and system design to deployment and beyond. They assist organizations in preparing for and optimizing the success factors of their AI initiatives.

Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing

FALCONS.AI’s technology spans across computer vision and natural language processing (NLP). Computer vision is a field of AI that trains computers to capture and interpret information from image and video data. On the other hand, NLP strives to build machines that understand and respond to text or voice data in much the same way humans do.

Anomaly Detection

The company also specializes in anomaly detection, which is the identification of rare items, events, or observations. This feature could be particularly useful in detecting unusual patterns or behaviors that could indicate problems or opportunities.


One of FALCONS.AI’s main products is PreciseAG.AI, a smart poultry health solution. It uses computer vision and machine learning to provide instant biosecurity insights for poultry farmers without causing disruption or added complexity in their operations. The system requires zero installation, delivers immediate results, and is easy to use. It is the only system of its kind to leverage AI for immediate diagnosis.


Another key product from FALCONS.AI is DocNovus, a powerful NLP application. It provides deep contextual analysis for a variety of use cases, allowing users to engage with their documents as if they were a living person. The platform boasts an intuitive UI and leverages the power of the latest in NLP technology with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and text extraction.


The primary benefits of FALCONS.AI’s technology lie in its potential to revolutionize industries through AI. The company believes that AI can enhance the speed, precision, and effectiveness of human efforts and open up entirely new capabilities. In particular, their product PreciseAG.AI has the potential to improve the food supply for all people in the UAE, MENA, and the world. On the other hand, DocNovus can deliver significant cost savings and qualitative benefits to organizations, making businesses more efficient, legal systems more just, and education more effective.

Launch and Future Plans

While FALCONS.AI provides AI consulting services, they also offer their products, DocNovus and PreciseAG, to provide powerful analysis and insights into specific business problems for clients. DocNovus was originally developed in 2018 under their previous company in the US, and they brought that IP to FALCONS.AI. Currently, PreciseAG, an AI-powered early-warning system to assess poultry health, is ready for launch. As for their future plans, FALCONS.AI aims to continue enriching the human experience by employing AI to profoundly improve the speed, precision, and effectiveness of human efforts.