Crayon AI : Revolutionizing Competitive Intelligence

Crayon : Revolutionizing Competitive Intelligence

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, staying ahead of the competition is paramount. Knowing what your competitors are doing, how they are performing, and understanding their strategies can provide your business with a significant edge. However, gathering and analyzing this information can often be a tedious and time-consuming task. This is where Crayon comes in.

Crayon is an innovative tool that revolutionizes the process of gathering and analyzing competitive intelligence. Its primary mission is to eliminate the drudgery associated with traditional methods of competitive analysis, such as constantly monitoring Google Alerts and sifting through a plethora of online resources. Instead, Crayon provides its users with a more efficient and effective method of acquiring critical insights about their competitors.

At the heart of Crayon is a powerful machine learning algorithm designed to intelligently capture and summarize important competitive insights. The algorithm goes through billions of data points from companies of all sizes, distilling them into meaningful and actionable information. This approach not only saves users a significant amount of time but also ensures they are focusing on insights that truly matter.

With Crayon, users don’t have to worry about missing important competitor updates or news. The platform can be programmed to send users a daily email containing the most important insights from the previous day. This means that users can start their day with a clear understanding of their competitive landscape.

Functionality and Features of Crayon

Crayon is a powerful platform that harnesses the capabilities of machine learning to capture and distill critical competitive insights. Over the years, the system has amassed a vast reservoir of insights on both large corporations and small enterprises. The platform provides an interactive user interface that allows users to engage with these insights by starring, sharing, or adding comments.

Each user interaction with an insight serves as a learning point for Crayon’s AI. The system gains a better understanding of what users consider important and starts to refine its focus to identify and highlight the most impactful insights. Consequently, users can filter the amassed information, honing in on the insights that are most pertinent to their needs. This functionality streamlines the process of competitive intelligence gathering, making it a more targeted and effective endeavor.

Additionally, Crayon goes a step further in ensuring that its users stay updated with the most critical insights. The platform is designed to send users a daily email that encapsulates the most important insights from the previous day. If the email contains a news article of interest, users can utilize Crayon’s summarization feature. By logging into Crayon, selecting “add takeaway” on the article of interest, and then clicking “summarize with AI”, users can generate an automatic summary of the article. This summary can then be readily shared with colleagues, ensuring that the entire team stays informed.

Another impressive feature of Crayon is its ability to assist in the creation and updating of battlecards. Battlecards serve as a crucial resource for sales teams, providing a concise, easy-to-understand breakdown of a competitor’s offerings. With Crayon’s intelligence, these battlecards can be updated swiftly and accurately. This ensures that the sales team is always armed with up-to-date, relevant information about their competitors, thereby helping them strategize more effectively.

Finally, Crayon’s value proposition is further bolstered by its seamless integrations with numerous popular platforms such as Salesforce, Slack, Teams, and Hubspot. These integrations allow users to access and disseminate competitive insights in real time across different channels. This ensures that the information is always available at the point of need and can be shared quickly and easily with the relevant stakeholders. In essence, with Crayon, competitive intelligence becomes a collaborative and highly efficient process.

Crayon’s Pricing

Crayon, offers a custom pricing model to cater to the unique needs of different organizations. This approach to pricing allows for flexibility and adaptation to the specific requirements of each business.

Under this model, instead of having a one-size-fits-all pricing structure, Crayon works directly with each company to develop a pricing plan that matches their individual needs. This could be influenced by various factors such as the size of the organization, the number of users, the complexity of the competitive landscape they operate in, and the specific features or services they require.

To obtain detailed information about the pricing of Crayon, potential customers are encouraged to reach out directly to the company. This ensures a personalized consultation process where the Crayon team can gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s needs. Based on this understanding, they can then provide a custom pricing model that offers the best value for the customer’s investment.


In the modern business world where having timely and accurate competitive intelligence can make the difference between winning and losing deals, Crayon offers a powerful and efficient solution. By leveraging machine learning and offering a plethora of features, Crayon is positioned to be a valuable asset for any company seeking to stay ahead of its competitors.

You can find more information on their official website.

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