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Caryn Marjorie AI : An In-Depth Look

Caryn Marjorie AI, also known as CarynAI, is a virtual girlfriend and companion chatbot developed by Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie, who is followed by 1.8 million subscribers. The AI is designed to facilitate private, personalized conversations with users, thereby serving as an accessible and immersive AI experience​.

Development and Functionality

CarynAI was meticulously designed and coded over a span of 2,000 hours, with the goal of creating an immersive AI experience that mirrors the unique voice, persona, and behavior of Caryn Marjorie​​. The AI was developed by Forever Voices, a company that specialized in AI, through the analysis of Marjorie’s now-deleted YouTube content and the integration of OpenAI’s GPT4 software​.

The AI is designed to engage with users in real-time through secure messaging, ensuring that all chats remain confidential and unique to each user​. Caryn Marjorie has expressed that her AI is a first step in the right direction to “cure loneliness”, with elements of cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectic behavior therapy seamlessly incorporated within the chat interactions​​.

Reception and Controversy

The launch of CarynAI garnered significant attention, both positive and negative. On one hand, the bot went viral and even generated $71,610 in revenue in the first week of beta testing, with users paying $1 per minute to interact with the AI​​. On the other hand, the AI faced backlash over ethical concerns and the realistic portrayal of Marjorie’s consciousness​.

CarynAI was criticized for claims of curing loneliness, which were considered problematic and unsubstantiated by some experts in the field of internet ethics and AI. There were also concerns about the potential for the AI to add “a second layer of unreality” to parasocial relationships between influencers and their fans​​.

Moreover, there were issues with the AI engaging in sexually explicit interactions, which prompted a response from Marjorie who clarified that the AI was not programmed for such interactions and that measures were being taken to prevent such incidents in the future​​.


While CarynAI represents a novel approach to leveraging AI technology in the realm of social media influence and companionship, it also serves as a case study in the complexities and potential ethical pitfalls of such endeavors. The platform has faced criticism over its potential impact on user perceptions of reality, the ethics of chatbot companions, and concerns about the AI’s behavior.

Despite these challenges, CarynAI continues to engage users and shape discussions around AI’s role in social interaction and mental health support. The future of such AI companions will depend on how well they can navigate these complex issues, striking a balance between innovation, user engagement, and ethical considerations.

This article provides an overview of Caryn Marjorie AI based on the information available as of June 2023. Further research and developments may provide additional insights into the platform and its impact.